installing asphalt roofing

Good morning Ken,

I am emailing you about the job you guys did on my roof last week on Thursday June 9th. I was not able to be there during the day but I have heard from my wife as well as neighbors and thought I would share.

1. You guys did a fantastic job on my roof as well as cleaning my yard afterward. I had zero cleanup to do and I appreciate that. Also one of your workers fixed a piece of siding that was hanging down and was to high for me to get to.

2. My neighbors commented that at noon the radio played the star spangled banner and your guys took off their hats, sang the song and then let out a loud yell once it is was complete. I cannot tell you how impressive that is to see guys that are that respective and excited about their country. Don’t see much of that these days and it obviously impacted my neighbors enough to say something about it. I enjoyed hearing about this.

3. I was impressed that you were personally involved with the beginning and end of day checking on things as well as taking care of the couple of screens on our house that were ripped from shingles falling down and hitting them. It just put an extra touch on the whole process to see that you were following up on things and it was not just another roof to do.

Overall my rating on Ken Manschesky Roofing is an 11 out of 10. You and your awesome crew are top notch. We have given your information on our neighborhood Facebook page and hope you see more business from it. If you ever need someone to vouch for your company to a customer please feel free to have them give me a call.

Thank you,

Matt Safirt